"SPECIAL SPRING DEAL" Australian Skincare Set Sorbolene Cream + Lanolin Day Cream for eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin irritations

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Australian Lanolin Cream is a rich blend of natural Australian Lanolin and Vitamin E. Created for use on all skin types, our Lanolin cream smooths and softens skin to minimise wrinkles and protect against the effects of household chemicals, weather and air conditioning.


*100% Australian made and Owned
*PureAustralian lanolin
*Highly Moisturising
*Helpful with sensitive skin

GM Lanolin Day Cream is a rich blend of natural Australian lanolin and Vitamin E to create a unique cream for all skin types. Our Lanolin cream soothes and softens skin to minimize wrinkles and protect against the effects of household chemicals, weather and air conditioning. Lanolin is a natural oil present in Australian sheep wool. This natural oil protects the sheep from the harsh elements and extreme weather conditions. Lanolin is also known as a conditioning emollient recognized for its ability to soothe and soften skin. Use all over to smooth and soften skin and minimize fine lines, signs of ageing and helps protect against the effects of home chores, weather and air conditioning. 


GM Sorbolene 10% Glycerine Moisturising Cream with Vitamin E 250g 

Guaranteed 10% Glycerine to help soften and confine moisture loss from your skin. No added perfumes or colouring, very gentle and safe for sensitive skin including babies. Alleviates the discomfort of eczema, psoriasis, skin irritations & various rashes.

Australian Cosmetics uses the finest quality ingredients that are supplied by multi-national companies who are Licensed Quality Endorsed. First tested in the laboratory, the products are quality controlled and monitored to ensure their highest performance.

Extensive and ongoing research into natural ingredients means that we can develop the perfect formulation to suit all skin types. The use of natural components including Lanolin, Emu, Tea-Tree, Eucalyptus, Avocado and Macadamia oils, allows us to create a unique collection of products.