Charcoal Beauty - A New Beginning

Wow - 15 months is a long time between blogs so I think it is high time we started to blog again – but first, let me introduce to you the people behind the Charcoal Beauty store. 

We are Allan and Katie and we have recently bought Charcoal Beauty which is something completely different from anything we have ever done before. Allan is Australian and ex-military while Katie is Italian and a university professor. I know what you are thinking how did these guys end up running a store that sells Activated Charcoal products?

Well you see it is like this we had both been using Charcoal Beauty products for a while and in that time we had introduced a range of Activated Charcoal products to our children, family members and friends and we were taken aback by the continual stream of positive comments. 

Due to this, we decided to research the benefits of Activated Charcoal and we were surprised by the volume of positive results and data. Like any product, there were some comments that stated Activated Charcoal while being safe did not whiten your teeth but overwhelmingly the research pointed to the fact that brushing your teeth with Activated Charcoal did actually whiten and brighten teeth and made the individual feel more confident about their smile and oral hygiene. 

When we were searching for a business to buy it was pure coincidence that we stumbled across the sale of the Charcoal Beauty store. It appeared then as it does now that it was meant to be. 

We bought the store and we are now on a steep learning curve. Not everything has been smooth sailing since we took over the store and issues seem to pop up every day that require our attention and sometimes it is a scramble to work out what to do. But each new day brings us a step closer to knowing what we are actually doing.

Charcoal Beauty was one of the first stores to sell Activated Charcoal products online and the store was a huge success so much so that our name, storefront and many of our products have been replicated by other stores selling similar products. 

Unfortunately, the Charcoal beauty store has been allowed to meander along for some time now and not really changing or innovating. We intend to change that and to start paying more attention to the store and to you our valued customers. 

Over the next weeks and months, we will be introducing some great competitions as well as embarking upon a new look. We also intend to launch an e-book that outlines the benefits and uses of Activated Charcoal. The e-book will be free with every purchase from our store. We want to work more on our social media platforms and to keep you our loyal customers informed as to what is going on.

The first big change we have introduced is that we have stopped the free tub of Activated Charcoal promotion. Why? We really didn’t feel comfortable advertising the tub as “free” when you had to pay $6.99 at checkout for the postage. This blindsided some customers and they were not happy about it. What we did was set the price for the tub of Activated Charcoal at $6.49 and include free shipping. This is an actual cost reduction of 50 cents. By doing this our customers know the full cost of the items they purchase before they get to check out.

 First and foremost our aim is to offer quality products and superior customer service and to that end, we will always be available to answer your questions or to give you advice and if the situation arises take heed of your advice.

Thank you for being part of the Charcoal Beauty story and we do sincerely hope you stay with us as we evolve. 

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