A New Direction - Now 2- 4 Day Delivery

Selling items to our online audience in an ever-changing feast. No two days are ever the same. Innovation, change, customer service and an excellent product are the hallmarks of a successful ecommerce store.

Here at Charcoal Beauty we believe we offer superior service and fantastic products – but we found we can do much better. We never receive complaints about our products the only complaints we do receive is about the long delivery time.

These days customers expect the items they ordered to arrive in two to four days. At the moment our products arrive anywhere between four and six weeks and we realise that this just isn’t good enough in this day and age.

 Therefore, we at Charcoal Beauty made the bold decision to go in a new direction. We sourced a new supplier with an improved product range to provide Charcoal Beauty with an excellent range of teeth whitening products. We cut down our inventory from 10 items to just four to fully concentrate on what we do best and that is providing teeth whitening products that work.

We also changed our branding in line with our new direction and now you can see the change that separates us from the many others who sell generic activated charcoal products online.

But the biggest news is we will now be offering two to four-day delivery in the USA and Europe. Destinations outside of the USA and Europe will take a little longer but it will still be a vast improvement on what we offer to you now.

We now have a warehouse in Houston, Texas and another in Warsaw, Poland. You will notice that both warehouses are centrally located in both the United States and Europe which means you items will get to you so much quicker using trusted courier services. And best of all shipping will be free anywhere in the world.

Charcoal Beauty was one of the first stores to sell activated teeth-whitening products online and since our inception we have sold over 28,000 jars of our activated charcoal powder. Here at Charcoal Beauty we will continue to offer excellent products at affordable prices with fast-free -shipping right wherever you may be.

 Katie and the Team at Charcoal Beauty


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